March 30, 2016

Here are a few screenshots of environment rendering in XLE. I don't have a lot of art I can take screenshots of, so I can't show a very polished scene... But you can see some of the rendering features.

Look for:

  • shallow water surface animation
  • order independent blending for foliage
  • volumetric fog (& related effects)
  • dynamic imposters for distant trees
  • high res terrain geometry
  • terrain decoration spawn
  • "contact hardening" shadows
  • infinite terrain shadows

(see older screenshots here)

Here's a shot of a turbulent ocean (though the indoor environment reflections are weird!). The ocean animation is dynamically calculated on the GPU, and can simulate both small waves on a calm ocean surface and turbulant large waves.

(some of the sky textures in these screenshots are from sIBL Archive)

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