March 26, 2016

I've attached a compiled version of the XLE tools to the Github repo.

This is still an early build -- and hasn't be extensively tested on different hardware. So some features may not work on configurations. If you run in problems, or if you find it interesting, I recommended downloading the source and compiling for yourself.


XLE v0.04.1: XLE v0.04.1 Windows x64

You will need Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

For older versions of Windows, you will also need to install the .Net runtime.

Edit -- updated to link to v0.04.1 (which fixes a problem locating the shader compiler dll on some versions of windows).


I've included a couple of "Getting Started" docs:

  1. Getting Started Exporting
  2. Getting Started with Terrain

These will help get you through the first few steps.

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